A Message In Every Image

I am a self-taught photographer who is driven by a passion for creating images that reflect the human experience and strengthen a personal connection with nature. I choose my locations and subjects based on my own experiences as a person – sometimes out of tragedy, sometimes out of triumph. Sometimes out of hope, and other times out of despair. Often times out of childlike curiosity, playfulness and pure imagination.

My images celebrate the hidden landscapes of the American southwest. Places that are relatively unknown, or easily dismissed as not beautiful, grand or popular. I believe these hidden landscapes also reflect the human experience. We pass beauty each day, yet cannot take the time to notice. We visit places that touch us, yet we leave when life sets other priorities, even though our souls continue to crave rejuvenation and reflection. We live by perceptions that are often based on fleeting moments, rarely taking the time to look beyond the surface. We routinely pursue grand success, but rarely personal fulfillment.

The power of nature lies not only in her beauty, but also in what she teaches us about ourselves. She is a mentor, friend and sage. A place to find the sanctuary and wisdom we need to unravel our personal mysteries. As a good friend, she alerts us as to when our priorities are misplaced. She may use a gentle touch or tough love. Personally, I recommend heeding her softer voice, as the alternative is quite uncomfortable. The enchantment of a lovely mountain stream instantaneously becomes an awkward tumble down perfectly aligned boulders on the embankment. The coup de gras is landing in ice-cold Spring-time water, and then limping back to the Jeep with wet pants. While lenses, cameras and caterpillars remain unharmed, the same cannot be said for my pride, a favorite t-shirt and a good pair of jeans. None the less, I appreciate how nature supports our dreams in her own unique way, and there is no denying that her timing is impeccable.

Through the process of digitally capturing moments and applying my own interpretation, I reveal messages that are both personally insightful and uplifting. Messages that ultimately inspire me or just give me a much-needed swift kick in the hiney. I invite you to explore my work with an introspective eye, as my images are not intended for viewers to interpret my meaning. Venturing this far into my mind is, in fact, ill-advised, as you will only find a crazy carnival of fluffy blue cotton candy, freak side shows, cheap hot dogs and brain-jarring rides...really. Instead, my hope is that within my images lies a message that has personal meaning to you.

Enjoy the journey.